title prod. company agency/label producer year
Fifa 22 Kode EA Sports Sam Stocking 2021
Guinness - Orchestra Element Rothco John Sullivan 2021
Life Cuisine Kode Grey NY Anthony Taylor 2021
Tesco Black Sheep BBH Anthony Taylor 2021
Eve Sleep Kode Creature London Anthony Taylor 2020
Westlife – Better Man Kode Virgin EMI John Sullivan 2019
Keane – Love Too Much Kode Island Records James Cross 2019
Donegal Catch Rocket Science The Public House Helen Barryduke 2019
Mace 53Six Ogilvy Marcus O'Donnell 2019
Guinness Element Wilson Hartnell Charlotte Somers 2019
UCC Element Ogilvy John Sullivan 2019
Libraries of Ireland Element Ogilvy John Sullivan 2019
Toyota Element Javelin John Sullivan 2018
Now TV Grawh Films Core Noreen Fitzgerald 2018
Heineken Grawh Films Murray Brian Deane 2018
1000 Beasts - EL&C Grawh Films Independent Gina Casey 2018